Enabling Continuous Compliance with Confluence during Training Process Audit

In regulatory industry (such as the medical device , oil industry), the establishment of a Quality Management system (QMS) is an essential element of a business.

In this article, we explore how we could continuously audit the Training Process using our Confluence plugin QC Read and Understood for Confluence .


The cost of auditing a process manually

Via the internal audit, the leadership team is assured that the company operates in alignment with to standard operating procedures (SOPs). As the QMS matures and grows, the cost of operating the internal audits increases.

Current industry practices suggest that all compliance activities should account to no more than 10% of the total project delivery costs. However, this cost could very easily be increased mainly because of the growing amount of planning and executing audit activities.

Hopefully, the introduction of the risk-based audit using ISO 9001:2015, could reduce the pain by planning and prioritising the audit activities based on a risk based approach.

Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 21.53.46.png

New hope with ‘Continuous Compliance’

Continuous compliance (CC) is about achieving compliance, and then maintaining compliance on an ongoing basis.

In the content of auditing the Training Process, we need to make sure that all appropriate employees have read and understood the latest version of the active Processes.


CC to Training Process using the QC Read and Understood for Confluence

In our case, we would like to check that all appropriate employees have read and understood the latest version of the processes.

By using the ‘QC Read and Understood for Confluence’ the Confluence users are able to confirm that they have read and understood a Confluence page that could contain a process.


Then, the QMS auditor by using the QC – Read and Understood table macro command is able to create an overview table that lists all the necessary processes along with the user’s approval statuses :

Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 22.46.16


In this way, we have reduced the time needed for the QMS audit to check if all the employees have read and understood all the applicable processes by just creating an overview page and checking its content.

In addition, in this way we have created  transparent and quantitive way to measure compliance with the Training Process.

If think that this plugin might be useful in your case, you are now about  to try it out in Confluence Cloud.

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