Who are we ?

PDFAnalytics designs and develops automated software testing solutions. Our aim is to support software test engineers to verify the content of PDF files in an automated way.

We operate since 2017 and we are located in Oxford occupying a small team of software engineers who love to write in python.

How does PDFAnalytics work ?

PDFAnalytics is cloud based solution that allows you to check the content of a PDF document using the coordinates and the page number without downloading any software. By using our services you are able to verify textural content, figures and metadata information like font size and font type.

Through the PDFAnalytics REST API, users are about to do the comparisons without using any extra resources or software.

What can you do ?

  • Extract images
  • Extract textural content
  • Verify the same content on multiple pages
  • Verify PDF metadata
  • Verify text location, font type and font size
  • Verify image location, size, and compare it with a local image
  • Compare page by page two PDF and see the visual differences

Do you use OCR ?

PDFAnalytics does not make a use of OCR yet. This is a feature under development.

Our Service

Why is it free?

PDFAnalytics provides its services for free for the processing of 20 PDF files per day. We have no intention to charge you to use our service.

For enquires feel free to contact us to info@pdf-analytics.com

How fast is it ?

The service runs in multiple cores. It takes approximately 0.5 sec to analyze every PDF page. Multiple page documents can also be processed. For instance to process 200 page document it will take approximately 2mins and 15sec.

Is my data safe and secure ?

All transactions between your browser or your computer to our server is end-to-end encrypted with HTTPS.

We will delete all data that you have uploaded and not retain any of it after 1 day from the uploaded time

We do not disclose your data to advertisers under any circumstance, and we take data privacy seriously.