API Documentation


The PDFAnalysis has an API (Application Programming Interface) so that programmers can integrate PDF data extraction into the operations. REST API is designed to access all of your jobs within the your private PDFAnalysis account. The REST API can be accessed via GET or POST requests.

All requests must include the user's API access-token found on your account profile page. Specific examples of using the REST API are shown below under each individual command. All results are returned as JSON with http return content type of 'application/json'.

REST API docs : API docs

PyPDFAnalyticsClient module

PythonPDFAnalyticsClient allows you to automate most common PDFAnalytics operations using Python 2.7. This is helpful if you would like to automate your workflow or your test cases.

You can find examples on our GitHub repository.

PyPDFAnalyticsClient on ReadTheDocs : docs

PyPDFAnalyticsClient on Github: python-pdf-analytics-client

PyPDFAnalyticsClient on PyPI: python-pdf-analytics-client