Data security and privacy policy

Data storage

All the content handled by our application ‘QC Documents for Confluence Cloud‘ and ‘QC Read and Understood for Confluence‘ is stored directly into Atlassian OnDemand and for license validation, we only store client information provided and generated by Atlassian for that purpose.

Data access

Our application has limited access to customer data and such access is programmatically negotiated during the add-on installation, following Atlassian Connect protocols, including public/private key based authentication. The applications only access the information required for providing our services and only data generated by our applications may be temporary retained by our applications for caching and synchronisation purposes only.
Our application is designed to allow application data to be accessible only with appropriate credentials, such that one customer cannot access another customer’s data.

Third party

To host our Confluence add-on , PDFAnalytics uses


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