QC Read and Understood for Confluence Cloud

QC Read and Understood for Confluence Cloud is a confluence add-on available from the Atlassian marketplace .

One of the simplest and most effective ways of verifying training on procedures is to confirm that a user has read and understood an authorised document.

This plugin enables the users to confirm that they have read and understood a document.

It’s ideal for businesses that need a record of employee acceptance for compliance and auditing purposes.


The plugin can be installed from the Atlassian marketplace .

The plugin in only available for Confluence Cloud instances.

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The users can use the byline control button QC – RnU. The user have the option to approve the page by ‘Read and Understood’ or to ‘Revoke’ the approval.

It is possible to review all the approvals of a page by either clicking from the page menu ‘QC – Read and Understood Overview‘ or by using the macro qc-read-and-understood-macro-table .

The plugin records the time and the version of the page that the user reviewed.


At site level

At site level, you are able to enable/disable the app across all your Spaces.

Disable the app in all spaces or in some, by following the steps:

  1. As a site administrator, click on Confluence Application Settings
  2. From the CONFIGURATION section, click on QC – R&U Administration
  3. Select from the list in which spaces you would like to enable the app.

At space level

At space level, you are able to:

  1. Switch on/off the add-on
  2. Disable the “Revoke” button
  3. Choose your Version Control Strategy, either to be

To find out more about, how to setup the Page Property macro, please check this page QC – R&U – Choosing your version strategy .

To find the add-on’s space level space settings :

  1. Click on Space Settings 
  2. Navigate to Add-ons > QC Read and Understood
Looking at the Space Settings

At page level

Choose to enable/disable QC Read and Understood in a specific Page, by following the steps:

  1. Click on the Page menu >QC – Read and Understood Overview
  2. Navigate to Settings tab

Macro commands


The {qc-read-and-understood-macro-table} displays a table with all all the users who accepted a page .

The table contains the Approver’s name, Approval Status, Approval date and last approved version.


  • qc-content : Page Title . Autocomplete field for search on page titles.


Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 14.12.13.png


The {qc-read-and-understood-macro-table-by-user} displays a table with all all the pages a user accepted .

The table contains the Page Title, the page latest version, the user’s last accepted version, and the approval status .


  • qc-user-account-id: The user’s unique account ID. Autocomplete field.
  • qc-user-space-key: The space key




The {qc-read-and-understood-macro-table-by-label} displays a table with all all the pages containing a label .

The table contains the Page Title, the page latest version, the user’s last accepted version, the user’s name, and the approval status .


  • qc-label: Page label e.g. done, feature
  • qc-user-space-key: The space key