Is it possible to count the status in a Page Property Report in Confluence ?

Page Property Reports in Confluence Cloud is a great tool to enable you to show summary information from one page on a another page.

It is a convenient way present page metadata in a central summary table.

In the example, we have used the page property macro to collect the software releases page on a single table.

Counting the statuses from the column “Execution Status” is now possible using the “QC Status for Confluence Cloud” addon. The app has macro that allows you to get a table with an overview statistics of Status Macros of a Page Property Report.

Generating the status summary table from a Page Property Report in Confluence Cloud

The “QC – Status Stats Table of a Page Property Report” macro allows you to select the page where the Page Property Report exists as well if you would like to filter based on a specific table’s column by defining its header.

If more than one Page Property Reports exists on the same page, it is requested to define the ID of the Report.

The Page Property Report with the summary table at the bottom.

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